Hi there! Here I want to show my unique art, something never done before!

My name is Stefan Dobrianov. I was born in 1968 in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

After I left my beloved homeland, I lived in several wonderful U.S. states until two years ago when I came across Santa Barbara, California…my place. Anyone surprised?

What I bring is a background of seventeen years as a designer and manufacturer of furniture, as the owner of my own company. Some of my chair designs are being produced in Italy and a lot of my furniture creations grace many fine hotels, restaurants, TV studios, casinos and private homes. My experience in manufacturing helps me in working with a variety of materials such as metal, glass, wood, veneer, resin, leather, fiberglass, plastic etc. I love to invent my unique techniques of treating the leather and the different materials, sewing, dyeing, engraving, pyrography, painting, gluing, sanding etc. Also I did all the photography for my site, which is another passion for me.

I have eleven years of professional rowing with a degree from the National Sports Academy. Although this would appear to have nothing in common with art and design, these were the years when I couldn’t stop painting and creating posters, logos and fonts.

To explain why I started to work with and carve leather, I should go back a few years when suddenly I got a desire to make leather shoes. I was hooked on leather tooling as an art form! Some people say what I’m doing now is applied art, surf art, leather craftsmanship, sculptures, something between art and design… Whatever it is, this is me.

Santa Barbara, where you can see surf boards even on fire trucks, where socks are unnecessary for most of the year and the surf culture is everywhere made me start creating these leather works of art. The fact that I have been a windsurfer for more than three decades contributes greatly to inspiring me to make these unique surfboards. The end result is what I’ve presented here…

And why Tedo? That’s what my friends call me…